Brush pens

The name says it all: the brush pens from edding, also known as brush markers, combine all the best features of brushes and pens. Let us show you how easy it is to use our brush pens!


Artfully decorate paper and porcelain with brush pens

In the artistic field, they have therefore become a reliable tool for paper-based design. Want to try your hand at lettering with a brush pen, create watercolour effects in vibrant colours, or decorate porcelain? Our odourless brush pens for writing and painting on paper and ceramic are available in bright colours from classic black to brilliant turquoise, both individually and as part of a set.

But not all brush pens are equal. Our range includes different brush pens for two types of surfaces: paper and porcelain.

The edding 1340 brush pen

For working on paper, we recommend the edding 1340 brush pen. Thanks to its fibre tip, the pen feels almost exactly like a brush when gliding over paper or cardboard. The brush pen is not only ready for use at any time, it also sits comfortably in your hand and allows you to switch between finer and thicker strokes with ease depending on whether you use the tip of the brush or the side.

The brush pens designed for use on paper are odourless, quick-drying, and available in 20 dazzling shades, both individually and as part of a set. What’s more, the ink in our pens is water-soluble and does not bleed through paper. This means that you can let the water-based inks run into each other before they dry – similar to watercolour pens – using a brush and water. This will enable you to create fantastic-quality, expressive works of art. Just try it out!

Want to try your hand at lettering, creative postcard design or illustrated bullet journaling, but lacking inspiration? Take a look at our idea finder for brush pen inspiration and tutorials.

The edding 4200 porcelain pen

If you don't want to write and paint on paper or cardboard, but rather in bright colours on porcelain, our waterproof, dishwasher-proof porcelain marker, the edding 4200, is the ideal tool for you. This marker is also suitable for glazed ceramics and heat-resistant glass, which you can customise in 15 vibrant colours from turquoise to crimson lake. Once you’ve applied your favourite colours using the porcelain brush pen, all you have to do is fire the porcelain item at 160°C for 25 minutes. Have you never painted on ceramics before? Then our edding 4200 brush pen is just the thing for you. The creamy consistency of the ink makes it particularly easy to apply evenly with the brush tip of your pen, as it doesn’t form drops and can be corrected with a cotton bud before firing.

Born in Asia, refined by edding

Brush pens have a long tradition and were originally developed in Asia to create particularly artistic or graphic works. Fibre pens also come from Asia. In 1962, the Japanese inventor Yukio Horie developed his SignPen, the first ever fibre pen with an elegant nylon tip. The brush pens from edding succeed in combining the best features of traditional brush pens and modern fibre pens, allowing you to create artistically sophisticated work using a practical pen!

What exactly makes brush pens such popular tools? They make working with a brush tip easier thanks to two special features. First, thanks to their soft tip, you can decide for yourself when to draw fine lines and when to colour in larger areas. On the other hand, the brush pen always paints with an even intensity, as the colour is constantly released from the filter with ink. This means you can create harmonious lines without any unwanted drips or spills!

The biggest difference between brush pens and calligraphy pens is that the latter are used to create beautiful writing, while brush pens are used for the art of drawing letters (lettering). Why not browse our calligraphy pens page to learn more about the art of calligraphy?

Store and dispose of brush pens correctly

No matter which brush pen you own, always store it horizontally, protect it from direct sunlight and put the cap on when you're not using it. This way you can prevent your brush pen from drying out early, meaning you get to enjoy using it for longer. When your brush pen finally makes its last brush stroke, you can simply dispose of it with your general household waste.