Chalk markers

Filled with liquid chalk, these markers transform practically any smooth surface into a creative canvas. edding chalk markers offer endless creative possibilities in up to 20 dazzling colours, including neon, pastel and metallic shades.


What can I write on with edding chalk markers?

The dazzling, opaque shades look especially enchanting when used on dark-coloured chalkboards. However, the edding chalk markers also offer virtually endless creative possibilities on glass, mirrors, windows and any other smooth surface. And the best part? When you’re tired of your window or board drawing, you can simply wipe it away with a damp cloth and draw a new one. But please note that it’s only possible to wipe away your drawings without leaving a residue on smooth surfaces.

The perfect tip for every idea

When it comes to marker tips, you can choose from fine to extra wide! The edding 4085 by Securit – the latest edition to the edding chalk marker family – features an especially fine tip (1–2 mm). The edding 4095 has a thicker bullet tip (2–3 mm), while the edding 4090 chalk marker boasts an extra-wide chisel tip (4–15 mm).

Before you can let your creative juices flow, each new chalk marker has to be activated. Simply shake, pump and write. You’ll find more precise instructions on the pens themselves, as well as in our video.

Chalk markers in dazzling neon shades

The edding 725 neon board marker is made especially for luminous designs. The four neon shades, plus white, create an especially striking contrast on dark-coloured boards. The dazzling, light-resistant colours can be dry-wiped from virtually any smooth surface. The marker is equipped with a 2–5 mm chisel tip and can be used immediately, with no need for shaking or activation. Its special ink guarantees clearly legible lettering and designs that are especially impressive in dark rooms under UV light. For this reason, the neon board marker is especially popular in the catering sector and other sectors that regularly decorate boards!