As the name suggests, fineliners guarantee fine and precise lettering. This means they’re not only the ideal writing implements for frequent writers at school, in the office or at university, but also for those who love illustrating, sketching and drawing.


Fineliners from edding

The special water-based ink is designed not to bleed through the paper. All edding fineliners are equipped with a practical clip so they can be attached to clothing or other objects. Depending on the model, they are available in up to 16 attractive colours.

For precise drawings

The precision fineliners, the edding 1880 and 1800, are the perfect fineliners for drawing and working with stencils. The very fine, metal-clad tip is robust and guarantees extremely accurate work. These fineliners, which were originally developed for technical draughtsmen and architects, have an extremely light-resistant, waterproof pigment ink and are available in various fine tip thicknesses. The edding 1880 is available in black with a choice of ten tips, while the edding 1800 is available in four different colours and stroke widths.

Are fineliners waterproof?

The aforementioned precision fineliners are waterproof thanks to their pigment ink. However, be aware that not all edding fineliners have this property! All our other fineliners are largely smudge-proof and waterproof once the ink has dried. Our office fineliners, edding 88 and edding 89, should not come into contact with water – otherwise your notes will quickly turn into illegible ink smudges.

The ink in our edding 55 fineliner is water-based and remains water-soluble before it dries. Once the ink of the edding 55 has dried, it is [waterproof/non-waterproof?. Kommentar: nachprüfen]

Are fineliners felt pens?

The difference between a fibre pen (so-called ‘felt-tip pen’) and a fineliner, is its tip. In fibre pens, this consists of polyester in the form of plastic fibres.

By contrast, the tips of our fineliners are either made from harder polyester (plastic) or a special thermoplastic material called polyoxymethylene. This plastic has a particularly high strength and hardness. This is what makes edding fineliners precision writing implements that can be used effortlessly to draw fine lines.

Fine strokes in bright colours

A black fineliner should be in every pencil case or office bag. All our fineliner models are available in this colour, be it the fineliner, office fineliner or precision fineliner. However, the edding 55 fineliner offers the widest variety of colours, boasting 16 colourful shades from red violet to light green. What's more, the fineliner inks are precisely matched to those of our fibre pens, including the edding 1200 fine colour pen and the edding 1300 colour pen, meaning that you can easily coordinate the colours and use the pens together. The fineliner is fitted with a robust metal-clad tip, which is very durable despite its narrow stroke width of approx. 0.3 mm, making it ideal for fine drawings and lettering. The edding 55 is available individually or in an attractive metal box with 10 or 16 assorted colours. Thanks to their decorative packaging, the metal boxes also make great gifts.

Refillable fineliners

Anyone who does a lot of writing by hand, whether at the office, at school or at university, will really appreciate the edding fineliner 1700 VARIO. It’s equipped with a fine metal-clad tip and a refillable ink cartridge. The cartridges in the VARIO range can be swapped out as needed. A fineliner can therefore be transformed in seconds into a rollerball pen or a thicker-tipped fineliner. The pen’s special shape and soft grip zone guarantee an especially pleasant writing experience. Meanwhile, the water-based ink and high-quality tips guarantee an even ink flow, resulting in smooth and precise writing.

Office fineliners

For taking notes at the office or making entries in your calendar, there's no better choice than the edding 88 and 89 office fineliners. Thanks to their fine tips, they can be used to take precise notes or, of course, to draft longer texts. The edding 89 office fineliner has a metal-clad tip with a very fine stroke width. Its availability in ten different colours makes this fineliner especially versatile. Meanwhile, the edding 88 is available in four classic colours and equipped with a plastic bullet tip, making it suitable for any writing task.