Our highlighters are practical tools designed to help you mark and highlight texts. The genuine pigmented, water-based ink glides smoothly over almost all paper surfaces and gives structure to even the most confusing texts thanks to its incredibly bright colours.


Luminous markers in neon and pastel shades

Thanks to classic neon shades like yellow, green or blue and delicate modern pastel shades, you can mark especially important passages and easily find them again later on. Like all edding products, our highlighters are naturally available in a variety of designs and stroke widths, both individually and as part of a set.

A pen steeped in history

The pens we know from our office, school and training lives stand out due to their very unique luminosity. Like many ‘eddings’, they belong to a category of fibre pens that originated in Japan in the 1960s. However, their striking colours were not developed in Japan, but in Germany. The chemist Adolf von Baeyer actually only intended to delight his children with fluorescent (i.e. unusually bright) colours. The first highlighter was later developed by Günter Schwanhäusser, who helped take the practical, light-resistant marking tools from children's rooms into office drawers all around the world.

From mini to XXL: the edding highlighter family

Probably the best-known of our highlighters are the edding 344 and edding 345. Thanks to their robust chisel tips and stroke widths of 2 to 5 mm, they’re suitable both for drawing thin, precise lines and wider thicker lines. Both markers are available in the classic neon colours red, yellow, orange, pink, light blue and light green. How are they different? The edding 345 has a cap with a clip on it, allowing you to easily attach it to notebooks or shirt pockets. This means you’ll always have your pen to hand! In addition to the classic, luminous shades, this marker is also available in stylish grey for discreet marking and highlighting.

The highlight of the range is our carbon-neutral EcoLine highlighter, which has also been awarded the Blue Angel eco-label. It is environmentally friendly and produced in a resource-saving manner. The cap and barrel are made from at least 90% sustainable raw materials. Its slim design and discreet packaging mean the green EcoLine highlighters not only make a small contribution to protecting our planet, but also boast an attractive aesthetic. The highlighter is available in the colours yellow, green, orange, pink and blue. Incidentally, the edding 344, the edding 345 and the EcoLine highlighter are all manufactured in Germany.

The mini highlighter in our product range, the edding 7 rounds out the highlighter family. Small but mighty, it fits into even the smallest of bags and, with its 1 to 3 mm chisel tip, it will reliably mark your texts in blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. The edding 7 is also available in the delicate pastel shades pastel yellow, pastel orange, pastel green, pastel pink and pastel purple. Pint-sized pastel power!

Perhaps you have had the experience that your highlighter was not properly visible after photocopying the pages. This is because the copying process changes the colours. Here’s a tip from us: the smallest colour deviation occurs with yellow and blue highlighters. Just give it a try!

Make highlighter stains disappear

Removing highlighters from paper is a difficult task, as it can also affect your text. Here’s an emergency tip before your throw your paper in the bin: carefully dab a cotton bud soaked with fresh lemon juice on the paper. This may cause the highlighter to disappear – but if you use too much liquid, it will also dissolve the paper underneath.

Correct storage, refilling and disposal

Ideally, you should store your highlighters horizontally at room temperature, for example in a drawer. That way, the ink is always evenly distributed in the filter and your marker will always be ready use!

If your marker is empty, you don't have to throw it away – instead, you can make it reusable using the edding refill inks. To do this, simply stand your highlighter tip-down in the refill ink bottle. After a short time, it will be ready to use again. Incidentally, the EcoLine markers, the edding 344 and the edding 345, are refillable.

If your highlighter is no longer usable, you can simply dispose of it with your general household waste. Companies that experience a lot of edding ‘wear and tear’ will love our return boxes, which can be ordered from us free of charge. The old markers are recycled to enable us to make new products from pre-used materials. Alongside our EcoLine, we are making a further contribution to sustainability borne out of our love for the environment.