Whiteboard markers

Whether you’re moderating a team session or illustrating content in front of your class, you can always rely on whiteboard markers from edding.


Our whiteboard marker family

Like many ‘eddings’, they belong to a category of fibre pens that originated in Japan in the 1960s.

Our range includes a large number of whiteboard markers that are designed for different purposes therefore have different features. The right marker for you naturally depends on what you need it for.

Whiteboard markers – work and present with success

Since we’ve been lucky enough to work with whiteboards, the dry-wipe whiteboard markers from edding have become an essential tool for brainstorming sessions and conferences. We therefore expect a lot from our pens – and that's exactly what they can do. Our markers are low-odour and ideal for writing and drawing on whiteboards, planning boards and almost all non-porous surfaces, such as enamel or glass (and sometimes even on flipchart paper – just look for the ‘+flipchart’ label). They are also light-resistant, quick-drying and, in addition to the classic colours black, red, blue and green, some are available in a range of other bright colours. Like all edding products, our pens for whiteboards are available in different models and stroke widths, both individually and as part of a set.

Finding the right whiteboard marker

What makes our whiteboard markers different? Quite simply, their tips and stroke widths. While you can write fairly intuitively with a bullet tip and always create uniform lettering, chisel tips take a little practice. The flattened edge can create striking lettering, as the thickness of each stroke varies depending on whether you write with the tip or the edge. We recommend that you hold the pen at a 45° angle to your writing surface for perfect lettering every time!

In addition to the two different tips, you can choose between a finer or thicker stroke width. Stroke widths of 1 mm are ideal for especially fine writing and detailed drawings on whiteboards and flipcharts, such as with the edding 361. There’s also a wide range of markers, featuring both bullet and chisel tips, that can be used to create lines of up to 3 mm, 5 mm or even 7 mm on your whiteboard. Our XXL marker, the edding 365, boasts the thickest stroke width of all our markers.

A special benefit of our whiteboard markers is that almost all models can be left cap off for several days without drying out. This is a very useful feature, especially after heated brainstorming sessions, during which the cap of your whiteboard marker is the last thing you may be thinking about. And if you prefer to go without a cap altogether, you should consider the edding retract 12, designed for convenient, one-handed use. Would you like to make a small contribution to protecting the environment? The markers in our EcoLine, such as the edding 29, are made from at least 90% recycled plastic. They are the green solution for our whiteboard markers. As different as our whiteboard markers are, they all have one thing in common: they are dry-wipeable.

Almost all of our whiteboard markers are available in black, red, blue and green. Some of our markers, like the edding 250, are also available in a variety of other colours that are worth trying out. How about violet or light blue for a change?

Make whiteboard marker stains disappear

To remove whiteboard marker ink from your whiteboard, you can simply wipe it off with a dry cloth, our whiteboard wiper with an integrated magnetic strip, or purpose-built board cleaner. The same applies to non-porous, sealed surfaces like glass edding markers are also dry-wipeable on these surfaces. It is more difficult to remove whiteboard marker from porous surfaces or fabrics, as the ink sticks to the material. In an emergency, you can try using alcohol-based solvents like isopropanol. Leave to soak in for a short time without rubbing and then wash in the washing machine as usual. Exercise caution, however – such products may also damage the fabric.

Correct storage, refilling and disposal

Our whiteboard markers like to be stored lying down at room temperature. That way, the ink is always evenly distributed in the filter and your pen will always be ready to use! Incidentally, our markers are refillable and can be easily resurrected when empty. You can choose between a manual or an automatic refill system. Please note that the edding retract 12 requires a different refill system to our other whiteboard markers.

If the marker no longer works, you can simply dispose of it with your general household waste. Public and private companies are sure to love our return boxes, which can be ordered from us free of charge. The broken markers are recycled to enable us to make new products from pre-used materials – practical and environmentally friendly, too!

What’s inside?

The essence of our whiteboard markers is their light-resistant, alcohol-based pigment ink. In addition, they contain humectants, resins and a release agent. Resin ensures that the colour pigments are fixed on the surface of the whiteboard, while the release agent ensures they can be removed again. It wraps itself around the mixture of colour pigments and resin like a coat that can be easily wiped off of smooth surfaces.