Labelling chalkboards

You can write on a chalkboard using a variety of different tools, but traditional chalk is very dusty – which is why edding’s liquid-chalk markers are available in a wide range of colours and different stroke widths.


Designing with edding chalk markers

Want to write on a blackboard, but don’t know what to use? You can create brilliant, dust-free markings and designs with our chalk markers. Containing liquid chalk, the chalk markers are not only suitable for blackboards, but for almost any smooth surface, including mirrors, glass, and window panes.

Professional use

Dark-coloured boards with a sealed surface are often used in cafés and restaurants to display drinks and menus in a visually appealing manner. Here, too, edding’s chalk markers are the perfect pens for creating eye-catching designs on restaurant boards. Thanks to their bright colours, any writing is always very easy to read. Our liquid chalk is available in a wide range of colours and three different nib widths and shapes, including bright neon, pastel and metallic shades depending on the marker.

If you want your lettering to create a really strong contrast, edding’s neon board markers are the perfect choice. Dark-coloured boards and glass can be decorated brightly and beautifully with the edding 725. The markers are also dry-wipeable. Finally, these markers boast a special feature for bars and clubs: the fluorescent neon shades glow superbly in UV light.

Tips and inspiration

Our chalk markers transform practically any smooth surface into a creative canvas. The dazzling, opaque shades look especially enchanting when used on dark-coloured chalkboards. However, the edding chalk markers also offer virtually endless creative possibilities on glass, mirrors, windows and any other smooth surface. This makes them ideal for decorating your windows to match the changing seasons or for surprising your sweetheart with short messages on the bathroom mirror! You can find templates and inspiration – not to mention instructions on how to write beautifully on windows and boards - in our ideas for creative blackboard writing.

Exceptionally non-permanent

Want to change your board design or made a mistake? No problem! Our liquid chalk can be easily wiped away using a damp cloth and without leaving any residue, meaning you can change your design in a flash and conjure up new ideas with our chalk markers whenever you like.