Marking concrete and stone

The marking of concrete and stone is a problem often faced by skilled tradespeople and those working in the construction industry. However, there are also many ideas and occasions for painting these materials in the hobby and crafts sector. Whether you want to write on concrete or pebbles you’ve collected, edding has the weather-proof markers for you.


Marking stone in professional settings

Marking stone and concrete is an everyday occurrence in many industries. The demands on the products used are high because concrete and stone usually have rough surfaces. Our product range includes exactly the right markers to overcome this.

You can write perfectly on stone using the edding 950 industry painter, for instance, which contains a wax-like paint that’s highly visible on stone and concrete and is extremely permanent, making it the ideal marker for construction sites, where markings need to be weather-proof. The industry paint marker is also suitable for labelling granite. Excellent results can also be achieved when writing on concrete and stone using paint markers. However, the marker tips can wear out quickly on this rough material, so we offer spare tips for easy replacement.

Repairing grouting

Even with the best care, bathroom and kitchen grouting will eventually become unsightly and can no longer be cleaned using conventional methods. So, what can you do? The edding 8200 grout marker, available in white and silver grey, is an easy way to fix this problem, helping your grouting to quickly look the part once again. The marker comes with three spare tips, meaning you can continue your renovation work neatly and precisely, even if one of the tips wears out.

Creatively decorating concrete and stone

From building material to décor material: concrete is a versatile material because it can be poured into almost any shape. This standard building site material is also ideal for keen gardeners because it can easily be used to make your own, inexpensive garden ornaments. Permanent sprays and paint markers can then be used to add a suitably colourful aesthetic. Even the pebbles you collect while strolling along the beach can be transformed into unique beauties with paint markers. You can find plenty of inspiration for painting stone in our collection of ideas!