Pens for writing on black paper

Alongside bright-coloured markers, our products include many white pens that are perfect for use on black paper or other dark surfaces. Our range includes a huge selection of colours, ensuring that there will be no limits to your creativity!


Painting fun on dark paper

You don’t always have to stick with black writing on white paper. How about trying some white detailing or delicate pastel shades on dark paper, for example? Or perhaps adding some metallic finishing touches to your next DIY project?

Metallic on black

The edding 1200 metallic colour pen is the ideal pen to use for dazzling metallic shades on dark paper. It is ready to use immediately and perfect for simple, spontaneous creative activities. The six metallic shades offer wonderful coverage and guarantee fantastic results. Whether you want to make a greeting card with dark paper, label a home-made photo album, or add a loving, personal touch to a calendar, it's easy-peasy with this product. What’s more, you or the recipient will enjoy your creations for a long time to come, because the ink is extremely lightfast.

Gloss paint markers for dark paper and more

Our gloss paint markers are the first choice for the design and permanent decoration of smooth, dark or transparent surfaces and dark paper. In addition to white, metallic and pastel shades, the versatile markers with their paint-like, opaque ink are available with five different tips in up to 22 colours.

The opaque pens are also ideally suited for use on all smooth papers, such as glossy or laminated paper. The edding 780 gloss paint marker, with its fine tip measuring just 0.8 mm, makes it possible to create filigree lettering and designs. Alternatively, you can use the calligraphy tip of our edding 753 and edding 755 markers to write and design wonderfully expressive cards on dark-coloured paper or cardboard.

A pastel pen for black paper

Our edding 1500 pastel pen is a white pen designed to create impressive effects on black paper. The first strokes you make with the pastel pen will be translucent white in appearance. Once dry, you can colour over your lettering or drawing again and the white will become bolder and more opaque.

A myriad of pastel shades can also be created by layering the white ink over coloured designs. To do this, simply use the pastel pen to colour over an area that was previously coloured in with a fibre pen. A bright blue can be transformed in a flash into light blue, and then a delicate pastel blue after repeated passes with the edding 1500. With this pen, you can conjure up soft pastel shades of every colour!

Gel rollers for dark paper

For all those who enjoy soft, flowing writing on paper, our gel rollers boasting special gel ink are the obvious choice. Thanks to its non-slip rubber grip, our gel roller is easy and comfortable to use, providing a pleasant writing experience even over long periods. However, the gel roller also offers other advantages. First, there are many attractive colours to choose from, including metallic and pastel shades and white pens. They also boast high opacity ink for very special effects. This is especially true of the metallic colours when used on dark-coloured paper and cardboard.

The new white edding 2185 gel roller will help you to create impressive highlights for a variety of events, including birthdays and weddings, invitations, place cards and menus. Small drawings, decorations and scribbles in white can also especially enhance hand lettering or bullet journals.

Opaque pens for other materials

If you need to mark or label dark surfaces, as is commonplace in the manual trades, construction or industry, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our range of products for metal or stone. Bright yellow or opaque white markings for dark and rough surfaces will be perfectly visible and weatherproof with the edding 950 industry painter.