Marking glass

When it comes to crystal-clear statements or notes on glass surfaces and mirrors, edding has the perfect markers and pens – whether you want your writing to be permanent or temporary!


Which pen is the right edding for glass?

When choosing the right edding markers or pens for writing on glass, it all depends on how long you want your writing or design to last. We offer permanent pens for writing on glass, as well as pens containing ink that can be wiped away from glass surfaces with ease using a damp or dry cloth – without the need for special cleaning products.

You can use the edding chalk markers to create striking designs on windows and other glass surfaces in next to no time. Later on, you can simply wipe them away with a damp cloth.

Meanwhile, paint markers and permanent markers are the perfect choice for permanent designs or lettering on glass, for instance.

Waterproof markings on glass

Alongside our special range for laboratories, we offer markers and pens for making permanent markings in everyday life. You can decorate cups and glasses with our porcelain brush pens, for instance, then fire them in the oven to preserve your artwork. Our paint markers and gloss paint markers are perfect for waterproof and permanent markings and designs on glass, allowing you to create decorative home accessories such as glass vases and other beautiful objects in no time at all!

Writing on glass in laboratories

In laboratories, it’s essential to be able to reliably label a wide variety of test tubes, glass flasks and reaction vessels. The ink of our laboratory markers is abrasion-resistant and can withstand high temperatures, but can be removed from glass using acetone, ethanol, isopropanol or methyl ethyl ketone. Laboratory technicians will find other suitable products in our range of pens and markers for laboratories.

Marking glass surfaces in the office

We offer the edding 90 glassboard marker for meeting boards made of glass. In contrast to our chalk markers, which should be removed with a wet cloth, our glassboard marker is dry-wipeable in a flash – even after several weeks – and without the need for special cleaning products.

With its wide chisel tip, the edding 4090 chalk marker is great for creating expressive window designs in bright colours. Why not add a birthday greeting to your colleagues’ windows, for instance? In edding’s offices, this is almost a tradition!

You can find more pens and markers for the office in our office supplies overview.

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

You can also use our chalk markers and glassboard markers to leave sweet messages on your mirror, which you can simply wipe away with a damp or even (if glassboard markers) dry cloth later on. Check out our idea finder for some inspiration!