Marking up metal and more

Reliable tools are a must in metal working. These naturally include markers for marking and labelling metal, from heat-resistant paint markers to permanent markers and industry paint markers. And for fans of home décor, our permanent sprays are just one of many great solutions!


Inscriptions on metal with edding

Processed metals, whether in the industrial or manual trade sectors, can boast a variety of properties: oily, smooth, strongly heated or rusty. We offer a myriad of products that help professionals to carry out their demanding work with ease – edding markers are reliable tools for use on even the most difficult surfaces.

Different types of metal place different demands on your marking tool. Our markers with low-corrosion inks are particularly suitable for marking stainless steel, for instance.

Marking metals with a paint marker

Paint markers with their opaque, paint-like ink are the ideal tools for writing on metal of all kinds. With their highly opaque, paint-like ink, they’re particularly suitable for marking and labelling assorted metal surfaces, including those dark in colour. edding paint marker ink is also heat-resistant up to 400°C, making it especially useful in high-temperature environments. Some shades can even withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C.

Metal specialists

Whenever extremely rough, dirty, rusty or wet metals are involved, the edding 950 industry painter is our marker of choice. Its extremely permanent, highly opaque ink paint, which can be twisted out, has a proven track record in industrial labelling. The painter can even be used for underwater markings, such as those required in shipbuilding. The extremely durable, light-resistant ink paint is an excellent choice for especially difficult surfaces.

Other specialists, like the edding 8750 industry paint marker, are especially good at handling slightly dusty, oily or dark surfaces. The industry paint marker’s highly permanent ink is light-resistant, quick-drying and highly opaque, as well as waterproof, saltwater-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The ink is not only resistant to external influences, but is also heat-resistant up to 300°C, making it the perfect solution for marking and labelling in the toughest conditions.

Creative designs on metal

It's not just in the industrial or manual trades sectors that metals are adorned with colour – and when it comes to creative metal design, edding has the perfect markers and pens in its range. These include our gloss paint markers, which are ideal for designing and decorating metal objects – whether aluminium cans, sheet-metal signs, stainless-steel tumblers or any other metal! The gloss paint markers’ opaque, paint-like ink can be used to conjure up a long-lasting, irresistible look in no time. There are five different-width tips to choose from, including two calligraphy tips, and up to 22 colours depending on the marker.

Lastly, anyone who wants to give large metal objects a new lease of life, whether indoors or outdoors, should reach for the edding permanent sprays, which provide the scope for even more creative possibilities.