Marking up wood and more

Writing, painting, repairing... edding has the right solution for almost any application, whether writing on pallets on construction sites, designing decorative wooden figures, or repairing scratches in parquet flooring.


edding products for wood

Wood. This rough, absorbent material requires the right products. Paint markers and permanent markers can be used to create distinctive markings on wood in the manual trades and industry. Likewise, furniture markers can repair scratches on tables and chairs, while matt paint markers can transform simple wooden figures into genuine décor highlights.

Robust marking tools for robust applications

We offer a wide range of markers for tradespeople. Whether you’re a carpenter, electrician or hobby DIY enthusiast, there’s a suitable edding pen for (almost) every application! Have you heard of our edding 8850 carpenter pen, for instance? Thanks to its extra-long tip, it’s perfect for marking hard-to-reach areas, whether on wood, stone, metal, glass or plastic. For permanently marking wet or rough wooden surfaces, we offer the edding 950 industry painter.

Decorate all manner of wooden surfaces

Our edding paint markers are not just suitable for designing rustic wooden wedding plates – they can also be used to paint on varnished wood, for example if you’re creating a home-made monopoly table, as well as wooden clothes pegs, picture frames and more!

Spray paints allowed: our edding 5200 permanent sprays also offer a variety of ways to paint wood. It doesn’t matter whether the wood is raw, open-pored, or smooth and varnished – our acrylic permanent spray paints will transform any timber into a decorative head-turner in no time. For highly absorbent wood, we recommend pre-treatment with our universal primer. If you work with a stencil, you can create all kinds of designs with a wonderful spray effect.

Easily repair wood scratches

A different way of colouring: how to remove superficial scratches

To help you quickly repair minor damage to your wooden furniture, we’ve developed the edding 8900 furniture marker, which you can use to fix small scratches at home with real ease. The highly opaque, paint-like ink can be used to conceal scratches and minor damage to wood veneers and solid wood, helping them to look almost look as good as new again. And since wooden furniture comes in many different colours, we offer the edding 8900 in 13 shades, from white to maple and oak.

Melt them away: softening deeper scratches in wood

If you’re unlucky enough to have a really deep scratch in a piece of furniture, you don’t need to take it straight to a carpenter or even throw it out – because edding has developed a handy product for this, too. With the edding 8901 furniture repair wax kit, holes and even deep scratches in your furniture can be repaired with ease. The wax is available in various wood colours in a set of three, which can also be mixed to mimic a natural wood grain.

If you need to repair damage to wooden surfaces subject to heavy wear and tear, such as floorboards, parquet flooring or laminate, we recommend the edding 8902 wooden floor repair wax kit. This product is available in many different colour combinations, each comprising three shades of wax to help you to create the perfect matching shade. The wax can be easily melted using the edding 8903 heating iron for wooden floor repair waxes, which is available separately.