edding 5200 permanent spray clear lacquer mat


Content: 0.2 Liter (€41.35* / 1 Liter)
Product information "edding 5200 permanent spray clear lacquer mat"
Clear lacquer for fixing and protecting of almost all materials and giving the surface a silky matt finish. The standard sprayhead has a spray width of ca. 5-6 cm; interchangeable sprayheads available in spray widths fine (ca. 1 cm), medium (ca. 4-5 cm), wide (ca. 8-10 cm) and variable (ca. 13-14 cm). The lacquer is quick-drying and weatherproof. Interchangeable sprayheads available. 100% free of health-harming heavy metals. Dust-dry after approx. 10 minutes, dry to touch after approx. 50 minutes and cured after approx. 24 hours.
Applicable on: Canvas, Carton/Cardboard, Ceramic, Concrete/Stone, Glass, Metal/Steel/Iron, Paper, Plastic, Terracotta, Wallpaper, Wicker, Wood
Brand: edding
Colour family: colourless
Country of origin: Germany
Packaging: Single article
Permanent: Yes
Product type: Clear lacquer
Colour: transparent matt