edding 5400 acrylic 3D double liner traffic red


Content: 0.045 Liter (€170.89* / 1 Liter)
Product information "edding 5400 acrylic 3D double liner traffic red"
Acrylic 3D double liner for unique effects and painting on dark and light surfaces, ideal for materials such as canvas, painting paper, stone or terracotta. The double-ended tube has two nozzles with a stroke width of 2-3 mm and 5-10 mm. The high-quality pigmented water-based acrylic paint is opaque, lightfast, odourless and permanent after drying. The colour traffic red is highly opaque.

Applicable on: Canvas, Carton/Cardboard, Paper, Stone, Terracotta, Wood
Brand: edding
Colour family: red
Country of origin: Germany
Nib: Nozzle
Opaque: Yes
Packaging: Single article
Permanent: Yes
Product type: Acrylic tube
Stroke width: 2-3 mm, 5-10 mm
Colour: traffic red matt