edding 8180 label removal marker blister of 1

Product information "edding 8180 label removal marker blister of 1"
Label removal marker for precise and simple removal of most paper labels and adhesive residue from badges on windscreens, labels on the soles of shoes, glass and porcelain. The marker features a chisel nib with a stroke width of 4 mm. The gentle oil is colourless, low-odour and contains natural ingredients. The label removal marker can also be used on vertical surfaces, no dripping.

Applicable on: Glass, Plastic, Porcelain
Brand: edding
Colour family: colourless
Country of origin: Germany
Nib: Chisel nib
Packaging: Blister of 1
Product type: Label removal marker
Stroke width: 4 mm
Colour: colourless