edding 90 glassboard marker folding box of 10 assorted


Product information "edding 90 glassboard marker folding box of 10 assorted"
Glassboard marker for writing and marking on glassboards and most glass surfaces. The writing is easily dry-wipeable from most glass surfaces and glassboards. The round nib has a stroke width of 2-3 mm. The glassboard marker ink has opaque and brilliant colours. The glassboard marker ink is lightfast. The pack includes the colours 4 x white, 2 x black, 1 x yellow, 1 x violet, 1 x light blue and 1 x light green.

Applicable on: Glass, Glassboard
Brand: edding
Colour family: assorted
Country of origin: Germany
Nib: Round nib
Opaque: Yes
Packaging: Folding box of 10
Product type: Glass marker
Stroke width: 2-3 mm
Colour: black, light blue, light green, violet, white, yellow