edding No. 1 permanent marker black

Product information "edding No. 1 permanent marker black"
Permanent marker for marking and labelling almost all materials, e.g., paper, cardboard, metal, plastic and glass. The chisel nib has a stroke width of 1-5 mm. Waterproof and wear-resistant on almost all surfaces. The product is refillable with edding MTK 25 refill service and edding T 25, T 100 and T 1000 refill inks. Suitable spare nibs (edding 3000 spare nibs) are available. Low-odour ink with no added toluene/xylene. High-quality aluminium barrel.
Applicable on: Carton/Cardboard, Ceramic, Concrete/Stone, Foils, Glass, Leather, Metal/Steel/Iron, Paper, Plastic, Polystyrene, Rubber, Terracotta, Wood
Brand: edding
Colour family: black
Country of origin: Germany
Nib: Chisel nib
Packaging: Single article
Permanent: Yes
Product type: Permanent marker
Quick-drying: Yes
Refillable: Yes
Stroke width: 1-5 mm
Colour: black
edding T 25 refill ink permanent marker
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Content: 0.03 Liter (€183.00 / 1 Liter)
edding T 100 refill ink permanent marker

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edding MTK 25 refill service permanent marker

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