edding Personal Set for presenting


Product information "edding Personal Set for presenting"
A personal presenting set with all the pens needed for giving well-structured presentations on almost all surfaces, e.g. glass, whiteboards and flipchart paper. The set contains 2 edding 90 glassboard markers, 2 edding 28 EcoLine whiteboard markers, 1 edding 31 EcoLine flipchart marker, 2 edding 2185 gel rollers and 1 edding 24 EcoLine highlighter. edding 90 glassboard marker: 1x black, white. edding 28 EcoLine whiteboard marker: 1x red, blue. edding 31 EcoLine flipchart marker: 1x black. edding 2185 gel roller: 1x black, silver. edding 24 EcoLine highlighter: 1x light green. Supports a hygienic presentation set-up, as not sharing pens helps to maintain social distancing and protects all meeting participants. Includes a prominent space for writing in a name to avoid mix-ups with others. All EcoLine products can be refilled.
Brand: edding
Colour family: assorted
Country of origin: Germany
Packaging: Set of 8
Product type: Set
Colour: assorted