Markers and pens for children

Painting fun for kids – colourful and safe


Our FUNTASTICS children's markers and pens turn all children into little artists and designers!

Drawing colourful tigers, knights and spaceships is extra fun with our odourless pens, because their ergonomic design was developed especially for little hands. Simply choose the right pen from our colourful range of shapes, colours and markers for your next creative session at home, school or kindergarten. All of the pens meet the requirements of the CE mark for child-friendly toys, meaning parents can confidently give them to children aged three years and up. Maximum creativity ahead!

The big, wide world of edding pens for children

Whether drawing, painting or colouring, children just love to be creative. Although their first attempts may start with colouring on paper and cardboard, this is by no means the end of the story. Once your child has caught the creative bug, you should also let them decorate windows and fabrics with colour. Our range of child-friendly felt-tip pens and colour pens not only includes various fibre pens for use on paper and cardboard, such as the edding 14, but also a window painter and a textile marker. A key feature of our pens: the edding 14 and the edding 15 can go cap-less for up to three days without drying out. This way, the odd felt-tip pen can be saved from drying out when caps are lost amid your child’s creative chaos.

The right marker for every age

If you watch children painting, it quickly becomes clear that six-year-olds already have more advanced dexterity than three-year-olds. For this reason, we offer a variety pens that are tailored to meet your child’s changing needs.

Our edding 14 FUNTASTICS fibre pen for children is suitable for all children aged three and up. Its tip can withstand even the strongest pressure from children's hands and cannot be dented, making it ideal for this age group. What's more, thanks to its thickness and non-slip grip zone, the pen fits ergonomically in small hands and can be held firmly and securely – for confident drawing and painting fun without slipping! The pen is available in 14 bright colours, from blue to raspberry, and boasts a stroke width of 3 mm, making it easy to use to colour in large areas. The edding 13 FUNTASTICS MAGIC FUN is a genuinely magical pen and is also suitable for children aged three and up. Your child can use it to colour over other pen inks, creating brand new colours. The edding 16 FUNTASTICS WINDOW FUN, our window painter, can also be used easily and safely from the age of three thanks to its thicker size.

Only two of our coloured pens are recommended for slightly larger children's hands: the edding 17 FUNTASTICS TEXTILE FUN for colouring and writing on fabric and the edding 15 FUNTASTICS fibre pen for children for use on paper and cardboard. The latter is also non-slip in children's hands and is just the thing for all children capable of handling a slightly slimmer design.

Incidentally, all of our colouring pens are available in fantastic colours and are equipped with an easy-to-use bullet tip – making rainbow-coloured creations pure child’s play!

For when there’s more marker on their jumper than on the page

All of our colour pens for children – whether fibre pens or markers – are water-based and can usually be removed easily. Fibre pen ink stains should disappear from the affected materials in a normal 40°C wash. However, the window painter needs a little more heat at 60°C. Hands that have been coloured in with the edding 14 FUNTASTICS fibre pen for children or the edding 15 FUNTASTICS fibre pen for children can simply be washed with soap and held under running water. A damp tissue will also help with stains on children's hands caused by the edding 16 FUNTASTICS WINDOW FUN.

Only our edding 17 FUNTASTICS TEXTILE FUN won’t budge – the pen has been specially designed to adhere reliably to fabrics after fixing with an iron and cannot be washed out. It does its job so well that rubbing and scrubbing won’t help either. It’s therefore best to make sure that your child is wearing clothes that are allowed to get stained when working with our textile marker.

Store and dispose of children's pens correctly

Children’s markers and pens are really put through their paces: hours of drawing and colouring, pushing hard to make the black a little blacker, and saying ‘oops, where did I put the cap down again’. There are a number of things you can do to help your children’s pens last longer.

First, it’s best to store them laying flat – and they will last longer if they are protected from direct sunlight. Normally, we recommend that you always leave the cap on when the pens are not in use. This way you can prevent them from drying out. However, you can relax a little with the edding 14 FUNTASTICS fibre pen for children and the edding 15 FUNTASTICS fibre pen for children – you have a whole three days to find the lost lid again! In the meantime, the tip will stay fresh and ready for writing or colouring. If you want to throw away an edding children’s pen, you can simply dispose of it with your general household waste.

What’s inside?

When deep in concentration while colouring in fantastic pictures, a pen may end where it doesn't belong. This is precisely why our pens and markers for children meet the requirements of the EU’s Toy Safety Directive. This was confirmed by the 08/2018 test report from the Stiftung Warentest consumer organisation, which awarded our edding 15 FUNTASTICS fibre pen for children the top mark of VERY GOOD (1.0).