Markers for your toolbox

edding quality for DIY hobbyists and tooling professionals, from carpenter pens and paint markers to our famous permanent marker

edding paint markers

With four different models and up to 14 colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the right marker for your next project.

edding carpenter pen

Boasting a long and durable metal tip, our specialist marker is the best tool for marking the right spot – even in hard-to-reach places.

edding permanent markers

Whether it has a chisel or round tip, whether it's thick or thin, a reliable permanent marker belongs in every workshop.

edding industry painter

The edding 950 offers reliable coverage even on rough and wet surfaces.

edding special solutions

Cable markers, tyre markers, freezer markers: every application has its challenges - and we offer a solution to every one!

Remove scratches with edding

The edding repair sets and furniture marker can be used to repair holes and even deeper scratches on furniture and wooden floors, allowing you to complete small repairs in your own home quicker than ever.

Use wax to repair small damages
Fill in scratches on the floor with matching wax
Cover up small scratches on your furniture

Professional ink expertise

Since the first permanent marker was launched on the German market in 1960, our company’s founders have made it their mission to develop a robust and durable marking solution for every surface. We cater to virtually all surfaces with our product range. Thanks to the properties of our inks, our pens have become reliable tools for almost every application. Find out more about the properties of edding inks:

Have you heard of our permanent sprays?

Reach for a bottle of edding spray when you need to apply paint over large areas

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