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We stock everything an artist’s heart could desire in inks – for hobby artists, professionals, beginners and experimenters!

Drawing supplies, painting supplies and more

We offer over 300 high-quality creative products in different colours – for paper, textiles, glass, ceramic, stone, metal, canvas or wood – for fine, precise lettering or painting large areas. Our goal is to get your creative juices flowing and give you the room to show off your own personal style through your ideas, safe in the knowledge that you’ll always get fantastic results with every edding pen.

edding 5400 acrylic 3D double liner
+ 23

from €36.15

Content: 0.045 Liter (€803.33 / 1 Liter)

Our creative product range

To help you pursue your hobby, we don’t just offer our famous permanent markers. Our art supplies include markers, drawing pens and sprays for a variety of materials and applications:

Awaken your inner artist with our acrylic range

A compact, easy-to-use assortment for outstanding results on various painting surfaces, especially canvas and paper.

edding 5400 acrylic 3D double liner
+ 23

from €36.15

Content: 0.045 Liter (€803.33 / 1 Liter)

edding Acrylic range

The new edding acrylic range makes painting easy and hassle-free. The acrylic markers make it possible to colour in large and medium-sized areas, create beautiful writing or apply fine highlights. These markers give you the power to create paintings and works of art using a range of techniques, especially in combination with the acrylic 3D double liner.

Anonymous -
Vivid mess-free pens that paint beautifully
"I do a lot of arts and crafts and got these acrylic pens to test out a mess-free alternative to painting, and to open up more painting activities on a wider ranges of mediums for me to experiment with, and I am very impressed [...]! You can also paint wherever you go without having to carry a palette, paintbrush, and water cup with you. I highly recommend this as they are virtually mess-free and perfect for kids and adults to use."
Anonymous, product tester

Reliable opacity that stays where you want it to

Create glossy designs on almost all surfaces, particularly smooth ones such as glass, metal, plastic, paper and many more.

edding Gloss paint markers

With their opaque, intensive ink with lacquer finish they are perfect for labels and decorations, even on dark or transparent materials. Where other markers might smudge and leave ugly stains the edding gloss paint markers allow clean and smudge-free results. The ink dries quickly and is resistant to light, water and abrasion as well as low in odour – for long-lasting results and comfortable use. No matter what stroke width and colour you choose, you always enjoy great opacity!

Michelle from @gerokreativ -
I can no longer imagine my craft table without these pens
"The gloss paint markers’ high quality and modern colours are what won me over. What’s more, I can no longer imagine my craft table without these pens, because they can be used for all kinds of materials and often save my craft project when other pens fail to leave their mark on my chosen materials."
Michelle from @gerokreativ, creative blogger

Brilliant colours up to 60°C

Our textile markers won’t just help you to dress up fabrics and textiles, but also to add your own personal touches.

edding Textile markers and pens

Wondering what to do with those outdated shirts or sofa cushions? Up-style all of it yourself! Or how about writing a personal message on a romper suit as a baby gift? The edding 4500 textile markers and pens offer high quality and excellent definition on many light-coloured, prewashed fabrics such as cotton and linen, as well as on a number of mixed fabrics. Once you have drawn on the material, the applied ink can be made permanent by ironing it once (without steam). Then your work is wash-resistant up to 60° C and stays brilliant.

herrletter -
The colours cover well and are super easy to use!
"edding’s textile markers are great for DIY textile projects big and small, whether lettering, illustrations or simple, abstract patterns. You’ll paint flawlessly with edding textile markers, with impressive results. The colours cover well and are super easy to use!"
herrletter, creative blogger

If you’re bubbling with ideas, grab one of our sprays!

edding spray paints are characterised by their exceptionally high coverage, extremely quick-drying action and durability.

edding Permanent sprays

Forget all about paint pots and paintbrushes: get inspired and get spraying! With edding permanent spray premium acrylic paint you can refurbish and restore practically any surface quickly and easily and give it a beautiful, creative new look. This Spray Paint stands out because it has an extraordinary high opacity, is extremely quick-drying and long-lasting – both indoors and outdoors. It also scores highly in coverage. Bring your ideas to life with a splash of colour!

hallomeinkleines -
Super easy to use
"edding sprays are super easy to use. I love using them to quickly conjure up cool DIY projects."
hallomeinkleines, creative blogger

Interior décor that lasts as long as you want it to!

Highly opaque, liquid-chalk markers that make decorating smooth surfaces such as boards, mirrors and glass a doddle.

edding Chalk markers

When it comes to non-dusty chalk markings or texts, there is no better solution than the edding chalk markers. So, how about decorating your windows for the season or surprising your loved one with a sweet message on the bathroom mirror? Did you know? This edding is not only suitable for creative crafting at home, but also a favourite tool in restaurants or bars to write beautiful menus.

diy_eule -
I especially like how simple the pens are
"I really like working with the chalk markers, because it's a completely new experience. You can decorate your windows with the changing seasons and your whole design is visible from outside. I especially like how simple the pens are: simply activate your pen, start drawing, make any necessary corrections and wipe away your design when you’re done."
diy_eule, creative blogger

More single pens and markers

Complete your collection of artist's material with different colours and strokewidths. How about the the pastel pen white for creating nuances and pastel shades?

For numerous different materials and versatile applications

Our porcelain brush pens for decorating porcelain, oven-proof glass and glazed ceramic are even dishwasher-proof! Our brush pens for paper are wonderful for colouring larger areas and creating hand lettering.

Calligraphy pens will lend your handwriting an impressive aesthetic in no time.

If you’re more interested in detailed designs and fine drawings, we offer precision fineliners and fineliners equipped with a range of fine nibs.

Permanent markers are the all-rounder in our product range, suitable for making permanent markings on almost all surfaces, as well as decorating wooden items, for instance.

Reliable edding quality for your art

We want you to feel satisfied and accomplished in your creative endeavours. That’s why edding’s creative products are easy and intuitive to use, yet provide professional results. We offer a wide range of reliable, high-quality art supplies, from pens for drawing and painting, through to markers for colouring in and sprays for unique and colourful decorations on all kinds of materials and surfaces. You’re guaranteed to find the right edding product to achieve your goal!

For hobby artists and professionals

Too difficult? Too complicated? Too much work? We’ve got good news: with edding, you can easily bring any idea to life, whether big, small or totally off the wall –whether you enjoy doing arts and crafts with kids, making your own greetings cards, customising different objects, or simply creating gifts for special occasions!

Get inspired

We want to help your creativity flourish, which is why we share lots of great tips and tricks to help make your ideas a reality using our creative range. In addition, we provide a myriad of creative aids such as templates, alphabets and a wide variety of stencils for every occasion. All you have to do is download and print them! For those who prefer to work on more unique projects, there’s the edding template generator. Use it to transform your photos into black-and-white sketches, which you can then transfer to the material of your choice!

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Endless possibilities

In our other categories, you’ll find even more products to help set your creativity free. Why not try to create a picture using our correction tape?

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