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Achieve professional results with minimum fuss.

Whether you’re thinking of reorganising your home, carrying out minor renovations or small maintenance and repair jobs: edding offers a reliable, high-quality, long-lasting solution to make your day-to-day life simpler. Our complete range, rounded off with products for your home office or school supplies for children, offers products to tackle almost all writing and marking tasks in the home with total ease. Achieve professional results with minimum fuss.

Solutions for the kitchen

All the edding products suitable for use in the kitchen 

Products for the kitchen

From our freezer marker, which is frost-resistant down to -25°C to our label removal marker, which effortlessly removes sticky labels  - edding has the right tool for every problem. 

Smart storage ideas

Handy hanging solutions

It’s very handy to put chopped fruit and vegetables in reusable zip-lock bags and hang them securely from your shelf racks using a large clip. We recommend labelling the bags with the fine-tipped edding 400 permanent marker to make sure you can see at first glance what’s inside.

Storage jars for maximum clarity

To keep chopped herbs, capers or garlic fresh, we recommend small metal tins that you can attach to the inside of the fridge door with magnetic tape. The lids, whether glass or metal, can be labelled with permanently legible paint markers such as the edding 750.

Organising your freezer compartment

You also need to keep your freezer compartment organised. The edding 8000 freeze marker makes it easy to clearly label freezer bags and containers, bringing order to your freezer in no time at all. What’s more, you can also purchase special, reusable freezer bags as shown here.

Solutions for the bathroom

Our grout markers, designed to make your tiling look like new.

Products for the bathroom

It’s no use having the most beautiful tiles if the grouting is dirty and can no longer be cleaned using conventional cleaning products. Our smudge-proof and waterproof edding 8200 grout marker can quickly and effectively make your grouting sparkle like new. 

Solutions for your laundry

Products for labelling and colouring your clothes.

Products for your laundry

Our edding 8040 laundry marker is the perfect choice for individually labelling items of clothing! This marker’s ink can withstand wash cycles of up to 95°C, making it ideal for marking all kinds of fabric. Our edding 8408 laundry marking set is suitable for even more precise labelling. The label marker boasts a thinner round tip and ink that can withstand temperatures of up to 60°C. 

Boil-proof labelling for protective masks

The current situation means protective masks have become the norm – whether at school, at work or out shopping. When removing a face covering, a neat way to avoid mix-ups is to label it with an edding laundry marker. The marking will remain perfectly legible, even if the mask is disinfected by washing at 90°C.

Labelling shoes clearly

Sports shoes can look so similar that they can often get left behind in a changing room or at the local gym, or get mixed up and forgotten at nursery. The edding shoe marking set offers the perfect solution: simply personalise the labels and stick them onto any type of footwear, so they always find their way back to their owner.

Solutions for outdoors

We've got the perfect products for wind and rain-resistant permanent markings.

Products for outdoors

For permanent and long-lasting lettering outdoors, you need pens whose ink is weather-resistant. Our edding 8055 outdoor marker meets this criterion – and its paint-like ink is suitable for a wide range of surfaces. 

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