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It’s still impossible to completely do without handwritten notes, which is why writing implements are basic equipment when it comes to studying. You can choose from a wide range of edding products – whether you’re starting school or uni!

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Small, but mighty!

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Pastel power in your pencil case

Our pastel fibre pens and pastel highlighters will help you to create colourful notes

Which felt pens are right for children just starting school?

Anyone who’s already had to buy supplies for the first day of school inevitably asks the question: ‘which felt pens and fibre pens should I put in my child’s school bag?’ There are basically no right or wrong answers here, and everyone has different preferences. What’s most important is that the pen fits comfortably in your child’s hand. Our edding FUNTASTICS 15 fibre pens were specially developed for children and boast an ergonomic design that’s perfectly suited to little hands. Meanwhile, the non-slip grip ensures the best possible grip.

School supplies from and with edding

Education is vitally important for the future of our society. And that’s why only the best products will do. edding supports students and teachers with a wide range of school supplies for a variety of applications.

Which felt pens are good for school?

Alongside our fibre pens designed especially for children, we also offer other models of fibre pens and felt pens. The edding 1200 fine colour pen, available in 26 colours, is ideal for writing and sketching on light-coloured paper. The edding 1300 medium colour pen makes colouring and drawing child’s play, and the edding 1200 metallic colour pen creates exceptional results on dark-coloured paper.

For older pupils and students, we also offer all the typical school pens such as fineliners, highlighters and correction products like erasers, ink erasers and correction fluids. Many pupils love our edding mini markers, which fit in even the smallest pencil case! You can choose from the edding 7 mini highlighter and the edding 0.5 mini permanent marker.

Add a little colour to your desk!

To make school that little bit more fun, we’ve put together a number tips and tricks to make your school things a rainbow of colour. From pencil cases and pen boxes to folders and weekly planners, a unique design will add a little colour and cheer to your desk!

Clever labelling

It’s easy to lose track of all your different subjects and school supplies. Labelling your books and pencil cases can help you to stay organised. We recommend the edding 141 F permanent marker for smooth surfaces such as plastic folders and pencil boxes. It will ensure that nothing gets smudged over time and that everything is easy to read. For cardboard folders, the edding fineliners are the best choice for labelling.

Mixing up jackets, rain trousers, PE bags and shoes is more common in school than those affected would really like. Here, too, edding offers a number of clever solutions that no household should be without: a clothes and shoe marker set including the edding 8408 label marker and iron-on and adhesive labels. The set makes clear identification a breeze, meaning PE bags and sports gear can always be found and quickly returned to their little owner. The permanent edding 8040 laundry marker in black and red is perfect for labelling lighter textiles, thus rounding out our comprehensive back-to-school range.

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