Markers for the office

Whether in the conference room, at your desk in your home office, or on the road, edding has everything you need for work

Everything you need for your desk

Fineliners, erasers, highlighters and more!

edding office fineliners

With different stroke widths and up to 16 colours to choose from, you can quickly find the right fineliner for your handwritten notes. Discover all fineliners

Our "green" highlighters

The edding 24 EcoLine highlighters were first awarded the Blue Angel eco-label in 2019.

edding correction products

Everybody makes mistakes...but with our correction products you can quickly fix them! Discover more
edding 7700 correction pen

from €3.15

Content: 0.008 Liter (€393.75 / 1 Liter)

Presentation and display markers

Equip yourself for your next presentation – whether on a flipchart, whiteboard or glassboard!

edding refills

Did you know that almost all our markers are refillable? You can find out more about our refill inks here
edding FTK 25 refill service flipchart marker

from €5.79

Content: 0.025 Liter (€231.60 / 1 Liter)

edding permanent markers

Whether they have a chisel or round tip, whether they're thick or thin, permanent markers can be used in all kinds of ways in the office. Choose your permanent marker

Are you looking for ways to keep the little ones occupied?

You’ll find the perfect pens for little hands here

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